Jeremy Flood – Director, Editor, 1st AC / Austin Bedell – Director of Photography / Josh Hirshfeld Kroen – Production Assistant


Nusprodukt lamps are designed and handcrafted by Sara Devic, an urbanist, researcher, and maker based in Brooklyn, NY. Carefully constructed with the help of trusted carpenters and electricians, these lamps are composed of 95% repurposed elements, such as found glass, porcelain, ceramic, brass, wooden or plastic objects, stumbled upon in the streets, in thrift stores, flea markets, and antique shops of New York City. Because of the randomness at the center of the production process, every lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece and is impossible to replicate.

Elements are selected with great attention to shape, color, texture, and scale. Using new components every time means that each lamp requires many sketches and hours of configuration — an iterative process that finally resolves with both structurally and aesthetically innovative solution.

Beyond sustainability and circular design paradigms, Nusprodukt is a practice of searching for the sublime within the banality of the everyday material environment, suggesting that to be surrounded with beauty we might not need a new world but a fresh pair of eyes.